Stories for the new Europe

PR-B is your multilingual content and PR boutique network for the new Europe. Far removed from bureaucracy. Focused on people, with forward-looking ideas and real-world solutions. Our values are openness, transparency, inclusion.

We can all agree the worlds of politics and business badly need a new, fresh and engaging outlook. We think the same goes for communication. Ultimately, it all needs to ring true to society: what we need is real content for real people. This is where we come in.

Reaching the target group for your product, your service, or your idea is our job – and crafting the best story to achieve that is our passion.

What we communicate

Innovation & Change

Not all that is new is good, and not all that is good has to follow the latest fad; that is why we carefully choose what to communicate.
If the topic fits and the chemistry is right, then we can go far together, especially around:

Innovative ideas

Research & Education
Medical & Healthcare
Regional & Social Management

Innovative technologies

Maritime & Railway
Construction & Engineering
Energy & Environment

Innovative concepts

Sustainable Food & Tourism
Platform Economy & Data Security
Finance & Real Estate

PR-B @Europe

Where to find us

PR-B is present across major European cities and regions. We help you ensure your brand awareness above all in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy and the capital of Europe, Brussels.

PR-B runs offices in:













What you get here

Storytelling & Storyselling

As passionate Storytellers & Storysellers, we conceive, create and spread messages with substance. This means:

Relevant strategies

Brand Perception & Positioning
Reputation & Crisis Management

Multilingual Content

Creative Long & Short Copywriting
Corporate Publishing & Editing

Cross-Border Awareness

Press Office & Stakeholder Relations
Employee & Community Communication

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