Ready, Steady, Go: Why PR-B, and why now?

In times of change, innovative companies look for intelligent solutions. We live in such times, and they represent an opportunity. It would be presumptuous to claim that tomorrow everything will be the same as yesterday. Anyone still dreaming of this has not yet realized what is going on – and is best left asleep. That way, those who do want to make the difference can act freely.

Innovation with impact

We want to work with people, companies and organisations who aim to make a difference –to communicate their innovative products, projects and ideas. We believe that business and communication have a social impact today, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, even outside of politics. We are convinced that it is communication’s role to raise people’s awareness more than ever.

This is not just about the coronavirus, about the Covid-19 crisis. Of course, we will have to deal with the virus for a long time yet, and it will change our world like no other event since World War II. But Covid is far from being the only global challenge; climate change and populism are two other timebombs that continue to tick loudly and relentlessly.

It’s all about knowledge

Whoever chooses to tackle these issues innovatively is a potential – or existing! – PR-B client, wherever they happen to be based. We see ourselves as a boutique PR network for the knowledge-based Europe, for an open, free society that inspires new ideas, develops relevant products – and above all, includes people regardless of their origin.

Openness and freedom are also the principles that underpin our cooperation as PR-B @the town & country hub. We are a network of professionals who act together as independent entrepreneurs and complement each other and our other partners in every respect – linguistically, interpersonally, and in expertise. And the same principles apply to our customer relationships.

Experience meets Intuition

PR-B is only getting started, and we are already in the process of preparing a value-based annual report for a national health player, providing strategic and conceptual support for the launch of a new product generation for a global market leader in logistics, rolling out an eco-efficient mobility concept and putting the topic of data protection on the agenda.

We naturally place all of this in current contexts and rely on our sound experience and the intuition that comes with it. This is especially true for our common “favourite topic”: food. It is precisely here that we are currently encountering completely new trends, which are also part of ongoing eco-social change. And it is where we are doubly passionate, competent and connected, as shown by one of our latest projects, “we are smart”, for which we cover the French-speaking markets and Italy.

Food merges with Thought

Food-related topics – our “thoughts on food” – will feature prominently on our blog in the future, and it’s no happenstance. We also plan to offer combined creative and food workshops (Thoughts & Food) near the sea, for project teams from agencies and marketing departments as early as autumn 2020, which we will announce here. But there will also be “food for thought” on other topics. On communication itself, once a week – from ourselves, but also from partners, customers and friends – perhaps even from you!

Have you developed an appetite for creativity? Then let us inspire you, or inspire us. There is a lot to re-think and re-shape in our world. That’s why PR-B, that’s why now.

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